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Game for the World Meeting at Emseni Methodist Retreat Center

March 4, 2013

The drive from Johannesburg to Bloemfontein and Bethlehem is long.  Alan and I were relieved and grateful to learn that we could meet the Methodist Church of Southern Africa’s HIV/AIDS coordinators from those areas at Emseni, a beautiful Methodist retreat center outside of Johannesburg in Benoni.  We met with Rev. Sethulego Mosiako, the HIV/AIDS coordinator for the Kimberley, Namibia and Bloemfontein District and with Judy Makhubu, the HIV/AIDS coordinator for the Northern Free State and Lesotho. The Northern Free State and Lesotho are mainly rural. Lesotho is completely surrounded by South Africa. About 40% of Lesotho’s population of 2,067,000 live below the international poverty line of $1.25/day. Poverty and HIV/AIDS are often partners. Lesotho is severely afflicted by HIV/AIDS; in urban areas, about 50% of women under 40 have HIV.

It was a beautiful Friday evening when we met Sethulego and Judy. We initially started playing Game for the World outside on a table, then moved inside to have better light.  Sethulego and Judy had been in meetings since 6:30 am, and we were grateful that they still had the energy and attention needed to learn about the game and to play it. One of the gifts of the game is that it enables strangers to get to know one another quickly. We were laughing with and enjoying one another soon after we met.

When we told them that the game is being translated by the Church’s coordinators into a number of different Southern African languages, Sethulego told us he would like the games in Tswana, Sotho and Zulu and Judy said she wanted them in Sotho. Judy is the head of a childcare center and started a non-profit training center for pre-school teachers. She wants to use Game for the World with her teachers, HIV/AIDS coordinators and youth. Sethulego plans to use the game at a ministers’ retreat and with his congregation and youth groups. I’m looking forward to their feedback!

Anne, Judy Makhubu & Rev Sethulego Mosiako

Anne, Judy Makhubu & Rev Sethulego Mosiako


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