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1,000 Games Needed for Tanzanian Education Program

April 10, 2013

After spending the night in Morogoro, Alan, Uswege, Adam, and I drove south to Iringa through Mikumi National Park. What a treat to see giraffe, baboon, impala, and zebra on our journey.

Iringa is a busy town in the southern highlands of Tanzania. Nearby, tea, tobacco, maize, vegetables, and fruit are grown. The town also has the highest rate of HIV infection in Tanzania.

In Iringa, we met with the staff of Restless Development, a U.K.-based agency using Game for the World to help young Tanzanians make responsible choices about their sexual and reproductive health. Frank Harle, Senior Manager Programmes, called the Game “a good fit for Restless Development” and said he’s impressed with how engaging it is, especially for young girls.

 Restless Dev wheel cover

Program Coordinator Meshack Mulokozi referred to it as a “fantastic tool” for their work with 48 schools. Meshack told us Restless Development plans to use the Game in information resource centers, staff workshops, and volunteer training sessions. On the wish list is 1,000 Games. That’s how many are needed for Restless Development’s community work!

Rachel Kabwe, a John Hopkins intern, added her enthusiasm. Rachel manages Restless Development’s behavior change programs in local schools where students play the Game. She told us, “Game for World helps us attract many youth to participate in our programs. The Game makes it easy for young people to share their experiences in a friendly way and changes their attitude and behavior toward HIV/AIDS. Game for the World is the easiest way to teach young people about HIV/AIDS.”

Anne, Uswege and Adam with Restless Development staff

Uswege, Adam, Anne, Rachel and Meshack with Restless Development staff

That evening, we met with two university students—Innocent Felix, a Restless Development volunteer, and Elias Charles, a volunteer with Dance 4 Life, a Restless Development partner. Innocent and Elias attend the University of Dar Es Salaam where they formed a club to play the Game with fellow students. How inspiring to see their commitment to making a difference in the lives of Tanzanian youth! In fact, Elias is so passionate about the Game, he created a version of it on a piece of wood.

Ignus, Charles, Anne, Alan and Innocent

Adam, Ignus, Charles, Anne, Alan, Innocent and Uswege

We also met with Ignus Kalongola, former Dance4 Life coordinator and RD program coordinator. Ignus also called the Game a great tool to educate and activate students to push back the spread of HIV in the community. Ignus believes it could be integrated into the Tanzanian school curriculum. Its value to schools? It enables young people to feel comfortable talking about HIV/AIDS and make informed decisions. It would be amazing to have the Game be part of the curriculum!

Our work in Tanzania is supported by a grant from the Zuckerman Community Outreach Foundation in Tucson, Arizona, and by the generosity of family and friends. If you want to make a difference in the lives of young Tanzanians, please consider making a donation at our web site

What can your donation do? Help us provide the 1,000 games needed by Restless Development for its community work in Tanzania.

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