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What is Game for the World?

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Game for the World™ …a game worth winning!

What would it be like if we could talk about AIDS in a way that empowered and inspired everyone?

Game for the World™ is an innovative board game designed for ages 12 and above to discuss and learn about AIDS in a safe and engaging way. The game enables participants to have an educational and empowering dialogue about AIDS. Participants exchange beliefs, attitudes and feelings about AIDS in a safe setting with clear parameters. Game for the World™ is designed to facilitate people listening to one another in a way that honors and respects each individual. Things are often said during the game that people rarely feel the freedom to say. This freedom enables people to talk about AIDS without the secrecy, shame and ignorance which often surrounds it. Everyone is given the chance to be heard and to discuss the myths and misunderstandings around AIDS. The game is an ideal vehicle for people to discuss how they see, how they are affected by and what measures they could take to prevent AIDS.

Each game accommodates up to 6 people and is in the form of a table cloth, which is housed in a drawstring bag, making the game portable and durable. Players proceed around a game cloth and earn points by choosing cards which require them to tell the group about their beliefs and attitudes about AIDS, to ask the group for feedback on their beliefs and attitudes or to answer factual questions about AIDS. Players choose the level at which they play and are never required to handle a card they do not wish to handle. The game normally takes an hour and a half to play, however, players may play for a shorter period and benefit from the experience. * see sample questions below.

The game was launched at the International AIDS Conference in Mexico City Aug. 3 – 8, with an overwhelming response from delegates from around the world, including the following organizations:

AMFAR (the Foundation for AIDS Research)

AMREF (African Medical & Research Foundation: winner of the GATES Foundation award for global health)


Canadian AIDS Society

Girl Scouts

Mexican Ministry of Health

Save the Children

World Bank

YWCA in Mexico, Guyana & the Congo

Targeted audience: The game can be played by adolescents and adults, by people who have AIDS and by those who don’t. It has been designed so that people with AIDS do not need to disclose that they have it. It is a very effective tool for promoting awareness, understanding and prevention. The following are a few sample questions from the game:

*Tell the group how you think your life would be different if you had HIV/AIDS.

Ask the group members if they think you have ever lost a friend or family member to HIV/AIDS

True or False: Women are eight times more likely than men to contract HIV/AIDS from one act of unprotected sex. (Answer: True)

The game’s developer, Anne Harman, has 30 years experience in human resources and training and development. Anne is president of The Mallan Group, which produces “Know Me”, the award-winning suite of trust-building games used in 28 countries.

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